Victoria is 23: Leonardo DiCaprio again has an affair with a young actress

“Too old for DiCaprio” has become the motto for 30-year-old girls. this is true as the actor’s recent girlfriends are from 20 to 25 years old. And in no way upper than 25.

The Truth About Those Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas Photos - E! Online

The famous Hollywood actor’s new girlfriend is Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter Victoria Lamas. She is 23 now so she fits DiCaprio’s needs perfectly.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Victoria Lamas not dating despite dinner outing

Recently they were caught with each other at the posh night club Birds Street. Though DiCaprio tried to hide his face with his cap everyone knew that the couple was there and spent the evening there.

Leonardo DiCaprio Seen Out in Los Angeles with Actress Victoria Lamas

The funny fact was that Victoria Lamas hadn’t even been born when the famous movie “Titanic” was released.

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