Salma knows how to please her fans! Nսde photo of a brunette from the sauna

Salma knows how to please her fans! Nսde photo of a brunette from the sauna

ICYMI, Salma Hayek Pinault is having the time of her life. What’s an example? When she’s not leisurely lounging on boats or posing in very glam enormous hats,

she’s chronicling those same moments for all to fawn over on her Instagram account — and her latest unbothered offering just channelled the exact energy we needed to make it through the long weekend ahead.

On Tuesday, the actress uploaded a set of Instagram photos highlighting one of her favourite ways to practise self-care: reclining in the sauna. While the sweat session itself didn’t appear out of the ordinary, it was Hayek’s attire that really encapsulated the unbothered enthusiasm we’re looking for.

The actress was photographed splayed out on a sauna bench with nothing but two perfectly folded white towels covering her breast and pelvis, exposing her shoulders, midriff, and legs.

Salma enjoyed the natural shine that the sauna’s heat imparted on her skin, and she wore her hair down in natural curls with a centre part.

“Embracing the healing power of the sauna and sweating out the stress this #WorldWellbeingWeek,” she wrote in the caption before translating the statement into Spanish. “Remembering the curative power of saunas and exorcising stress during #WorldWellbeingWeek.”

Aside from simply relaxing in the sauna, the actress recently extended her self-care journey to Spain. Hayek took to Instagram again on Saturday, sharing a photo from her vacation in which she posed for an oceanside picture while eating paella.

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