Twins’ birth – the fifth time in a row. And again, girls. Dad was present in the delivery room.

Anna was admitted to the maternity hospital long before her due date because her pregnancy, especially with twins, was complicated, and the doctors were reluctant to take risks. The medical team offered her a planned cesarean section, but she had a strong desire to give birth naturally, so the doctors agreed to try, knowing that they could perform a C-section if necessary.

Besides, Anna and her husband had a partnership agreement for childbirth, and the midwives were present because the couple preferred to avoid the presence of strangers in the delivery room. Anna went into labor late in the evening, and her husband was informed immediately. He arrived within twenty minutes, and they were transferred to the labor room. Having been through childbirth before, Anna knew what to expect. She remained composed and sensible throughout the process, and at 4 o’clock in the morning, the first child was born.

The baby cried immediately, and the midwife welcomed the birth of their first daughter. However, instead of the expected joy, the father forced a smile and immediately shifted his focus to his wife. Just ten minutes later, the second daughter was born.
While the mother smiled happily, the new father, though not appearing pleased, was in tears – clearly not from joy. They all felt concerned, but the mother assured everyone, “Don’t pay attention to him. He’ll come around in an hour. These are our fifth and sixth twins, and again, they are girls. He really wanted at least one boy, but it didn’t happen, so he’s just a little upset. But he adores his daughters, so everything will be fine.”

Indeed, watching the charming group of little girls under the maternity hospital window the next day, led by their dad as they tied balloons and shouted their love for their mother, it was clear that everything was perfect in this family. But they couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for the father.

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