The remarkable story of Jono Lancaster is an inspiration to us all

Success in today’s world is all about moving up and attempting to blend in as much as possible. Because you are viewed as “abnormal” or “odd” if you don’t fit in or are a little different from others.

It’s a depressing perspective on life, and it emphasizes appearance and peer comparison much too much.

Ask Jono Lancaster, who is a human being with the same flesh and blood as the rest of us but who regrettably has frequently been painfully reminded of how cruel the world can be.

Jono Lancaster on Facebook

Although Jono Lancaster was born in England in October 1985, he didn’t resemble the other hospitalized newborns.

Treacher Collins syndrome was the unusual prenatal disease that caused the adorable little boy’s facial bones to develop asymmetrically.

The physicians informed Jono’s parents that he would probably never walk or talk in addition to the diagnosis. Jono’s parents, who were stunned, decided it was too much and left him.

My parents were really taken aback when I was born. Within 36 hours of my birth, I was discharged from the hospital. Someone was assigned to look after me by social services. At the 2015 Nord Conference, Jono recalled the foster carer as a woman named Jean.

Jono’s parents vanished and placed him up for adoption when he was less than two days old. After the hospital got in touch with Social Services, Jono was adopted and reared by a lovely woman by the name of Jean Lancaster.

When Jean saw the young boy, she was neither alarmed nor surprised. She bonded with him right away when she picked him up. “When can I take him home?” Jean asked, turning to face the nurse.

Jono’s foster mother provided him all the necessary love and attention from the beginning, and he couldn’t have asked for a finer or more loving mother.

However, despite his mother’s unwavering support, Jono’s early years were characterized by a lack of understanding from the outside world.

Jono began to realize who he was when he started school. It did not take him long to realize that he did not look like his classmates.

I had the impression that I was the only one in the world who was similar to me and that I was on my own. Even though some people are fortunate enough to win the jackpot or go on to become physicians, lawyers, or professional football players, I always wondered, “Why did I have to end up looking like this?” stated during an Adelaide Now interview.

It’s critical to understand that Treacher Collins syndrome has no bearing whatsoever on a child’s IQ. The appearance of Jono was all that his classmates were interested in. When he would approach, they would make faces and flee, claiming they didn’t want to contract his “disease.”

“I used to keep my mom from knowing how unhappy I was.” He said in an interview with the BBC, “She had already done so much for me.

But Jono had an amazing woman by his side, and he refused to give up and allow the haters triumph.

Jean, Jono’s foster mother, made an effort to get him back to his birth parents. But on May 18, 1990, she made the next move and adopted Jono after they had been responding to her letters for five years in a row.

I thus have two birthdays! At the 2015 Nord Conference, Jono said, “I used to tell other kids that my mom went to the hospital and she looked at all the babies and she chose me, whereas their parents had been stuck with them.”

Jono expressed in a heartfelt 2015 Facebook post that he would never forget his foster mother.

“This woman has the largest heart of anyone I’ve ever met, despite her little diminutive stature. This woman has spent thirty years caring for foster children; she is incredibly loving and selfless. This woman felt she had let them down in some way, and she would cry each time a foster child went to a new home. This woman, a 40-year-old single mother, accepted me even though she had no idea what was ahead. This woman gave me an incredible family, along with Claire and Stephen, when she adopted me. This woman is a true angel, given to me just when I needed her.

Jono Lancaster on Facebook

Jean is the angel’s name; she is my mother and idol.

Jono turned into an extremely rebellious teenager. He occasionally did things just to get attention. He did it to divert attention away from his physical attributes, which were the true issue. He tried to win folks over with sweets and copious amounts of wine.

“I felt like I was by myself.”

However, Jono quickly made the decision to be a force for good and use his experience to serve others thanks to Jean’s love and care as well as his own strong spirit.

Jono, who is 36 years old, has dedicated his life to supporting others with Treacher Collins syndrome worldwide. He has been leading adult autistic people’s teams.

He meets kids, offers them encouragement and hope, and has a conversation with their parents about their predicament. At the moment, Jono works as a motivational instructor and frequently discusses Treacher Collins disease.

He claims, “My parents still don’t want anything to do with me.” “My mentality has changed, and that’s what makes it so effective. […] I wouldn’t alter a thing. More than anything, my attitude was incapacitating. You can accomplish anything if you have the correct mindset.

Australian two-year-old Zackary Walton is one of Jono’s mentees.

Zackary has experienced bullying already, despite his youth. But he’s had a lifelong companion in Jono.

Sarah Walton, the boy’s mother, told Adelaide Now, “When he said he was coming to Australia, we knew we had to meet him and it’s made us so happy to see Zack meet someone like him.”

This photo was shared on Facebook when Jono and Zackary first connected in November 2014, and it’s really beautiful.

Wife of Jono Lancaster

Jono got to know Laura Richardson in 2015 when he was employed as a fitness instructor.

After they fell in love, Jono’s condition was accepted by Laura. She accepted him for who he was, and the two of them set out to make everyone around them smile and feel good.

Before he met Laura, Jono always believed that if he ever had children and wanted to build a family, he would adopt them.

“Being a father has always been my desire. I long for moments with my father and son; although my adoptive mother was wonderful, I was never raised by a father figure, and I sincerely miss that. In 2011, Jono told the BBC, “I want to take my child to dance, gymnastics, football, or the school run—whatever they want.”

Any child Jono fathers has a fifty percent chance of being Treacher Collins. Thus, the mere notion of bearing a child of his own evoked a cascade of feelings, ethical dilemmas, and introspection. Although Jono had a relatively normal birth, many children with Treacher Collins have serious health issues, and some are born without the ability to breathe.

So perhaps adoption was the best choice, Jono reasoned.

“It was very effective for me, and I think it’s fantastic to give a child another chance.” However, Laura believes that she will have the strong desire to become pregnant, and she is concerned that either the child will want to discover its biological parents or that she won’t be able to care for someone else’s child,” Jono added.

She also has a strong desire for our child to be ‘our’ child. And I truly want to take care of her when she gets pregnant, so I’ll be the one to come downstairs at two in the morning when she wants a pickle or to sit with her on the sofa.

Sadly, Jono and Laura never raised a family. They made the decision to part ways and move on after ten years together. Jono posted an explanation of the choice on Instagram, saying:

“After ten incredible years together, Laura and I made the decision to part ways since we weren’t developing as a pair. There was only mutual respect and it had nothing to do with looks.

Some of his supporters expressed empathy and made an effort to see the bright side of things, reassuring Jono that a broken relationship might still have a happy ending.

Breakups can never be made to sound good, in my opinion. It was devastating,” Jono retorted.

Watch the video below to hear Jono recount his experience. I can assure you that it won’t pass you by:

Source: YouTube/LadbibleTV

Despite the tragic nature of Jono’s experience, it is also immensely inspirational to witness his bravery and fortitude as he utilizes them to support other kids in similar circumstances.

I sincerely hope we can contribute to the increased awareness of Jono’s tale. Not only to motivate others, but also to instill confidence and hope in those who require it. because everyone needs a little motivation from time to time.

Nobody ought to ever face discrimination, bullying, or judgment due to their appearance! If you agree, please share this article!

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