Jennifer Garner ‘proud to show off’ her boyfriend – and you might recognize him

Disregarding the fanfare that encircles Ben Affleck and his recent spouse Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner has been discreetly seeing a man outside of the public eye.

The 51-year-old Garner and businessman John Miller, who likes to be “an under-the-radar kind of couple,” have reportedly been dating on and off for some time.

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Following their 2018 divorce, fans of Ben Affleck weren’t overly shocked to learn that he was once again seeing “Jenny from the Block.”

Although the world kept a careful eye on Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s reconciliation, which resulted in a joyful marriage and the release of J.Lo’s new song “Can’t Get Enough,” which was written specifically for Affleck, not much is known about Garner’s new partner, John Miller.

Six months before Garner and Miller’s 2018 divorce from Affleck was formalized, rumors had it that they were dating.

Following their breakup in 2015, the former Hollywood power couple has been co-parenting their three children, Violet, 17, Seraphina, 14, and Samuel, 10.

This mysterious man—who is he?
Miller, a businessman and lawyer born in 1978, serves as the CEO of CaliBurger, a fast food restaurant, and CaliGroup, its parent company. He was previously the vice president of intellectual property at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals.

About a month after the stunning Garner became single, Miller, who was married to American violinist Caroline Campbell from 2005 to 2014, formalized his divorce. He has a son named Quest and a daughter named Violet with Campbell.

The couple, who have been dating for five years, decided to avoid the limelight that follows a celebrity like Garner so as not to jeopardize their union.

She adores how indifferent he is to the spotlight and the whole Hollywood culture.Extremely dissimilar from Ben and J. Lo’s partnership in that regard,” an insider informed Us Weekly. “It’s just not their style to ham it up for the cameras or get obsessed with what events to attend together.”

“They’re happier being a regular, under-the-radar couple and don’t need anyone else’s validation to know they’re meant to be together,” the anonymous source continues. It’s not that they are disparaging others; it’s just not who they are.

moving slowly
Following a brief break from August 2020 to the spring of 2021, Miller and Garner have continued their relationship.

At the time, a source claimed, “He was ready for marriage, and she just couldn’t commit.”

Friends who are swooning over the pair claim that Elektra’s star and Miller have a mutually beneficial relationship where they bring out the best in one another.

“John is so smitten and caring, but not in an overbearing way,” a source claimed.When Jen wants space, he provides it to her, but he also supports her when things get tough or she feels like doing something impulsive. They have taken some amazing vacations together, which is one of their main accomplishments.

Keeping quiet
The public wanted to know how Garner felt about her ex-husband getting married to Lopez in July 2022.

Fans’ fears were allayed when Garner and Miller were photographed together multiple times by paparazzi. They were unfazed by the Good Will Hunting actress eloping in Las Vegas, grinning broadly and enjoying each other’s company.

Entertainment Tonight also released a story and pictures of Affleck “happily chatting with John” in January 2023.

“Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are proving that exes can get along just fine!” the media source reports. When Jennifer and her boyfriend John Miller got to their house, Ben was spotted grinning and having a conversation with John. The discreet pair was then observed shopping in Montecito Village in Santa Barbara.

Following “the flow”
The stunning couple is gradually growing more at ease with disclosing their connection to the world; they are spotted together more often, showing their love with embraces, holding hands, and early morning jogs.

Jen and John are much more at ease and secure with one another, so she’s not quite as shy as she once was, according to a source. “She takes pride in flaunting him.”

Another insider told Us Weekly in November 2023 that Miller and Garner are “in a great place.” They used to make a point of keeping a low profile, but they’ve both grown to feel really secure in their relationship and the way things have turned out, according to the insider.

When the couple gathered their relatives for a food drive on her 50th birthday, they achieved a significant milestone.

However, they’re not prepared to combine their families just yet.

Friends say that although there is no pressure, Garner and Miller are open to getting married. She is “perfectly happy cherishing and enjoying what they have…without a formal label” for the time being.

Miller is content to “go with the flow,” the source continues, adding that the 13 Going on 30 star has been setting the pace.

Another insider said, “Jen and John have a really special relationship.” “She truly enjoys being with someone who isn’t a celebrity after spending so much of her [her marriage with Affleck] in the spotlight.”

We’re thrilled to learn that Jennifer Garner is back in the dating game, and we’re looking forward to seeing how their romance develops.

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