He was only thirteen. How does this guy look 12 years later?

Everyone was shocked to hear that a 13-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl had become parents at such a young age. We’ll tell you what happened to them later.

At the time, the kids were afraid to tell their parents the truth, even though Chantelle could already feel her stomach growing. The girl’s mother saw that her daughter’s look was changing and knew that something had happened that could not be undone. Alfie was very happy to hear the news, but he didn’t know what would happen next.

The parents of the future father were heartbroken. The boys were shown on TV before their girl was born. Alfie took care of the baby girl like a grown man. The baby was not the young father’s. This was shown by a DNA test that his parents made him take. Journalists didn’t let the couple off the hook, so the young mother and kid left town, which made Alfie sad.

After 12 years, the girl married another man and had another kid. Alfie, on the other hand, had never been in love, unless you count his alcoholism as love. Also, the man has been arrested 12 times and is being looked into right now.

Is having kids at that age okay, or should it be discouraged?

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