Matthew McConaughey’s Classy Shutdown of Joy Behar

The well-known actor Matthew McConaughey recently demonstrated to us all how to manage a stressful situation with elegance. She chose to ask talk show presenter Joy Behar a contentious political issue during their interview. McConaughey opted for tact and respect rather biting the bait and getting into a furious argument.

With a deft refusal to respond, McConaughey reminded us all how important it is to have civil conversations and look for common ground. Although talking politics in public is difficult, McConaughey’s elegant diversion made an effect on the audience. It was a potent reminder of how important politeness is in all kinds of communication.

We can all take a cue from McConaughey’s strategy in a world full with contentious discussions and heated arguments. Let’s pause to admire his grace and composure in the face of a difficult circumstance. I look forward to having future talks that are more substantive and courteous.

Watch the video below to witness the interview for yourself:

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