Multi-colored twins are already 13 years old: How they look now

When the Biggs sisters were born, they were practically no different from each other. Ordinary twins with similar noses, eyes and hair. One girl was a little darker. Below is a baby photo of the little ones.

However, every year the color of the skin and eyes of one of the twins became darker. One was blond and the other was dark.

From the outside it might seem that they are of different nationalities, but the girls are twins. Why is that? Everything is much easier than it seems. The girls’ parents are of different backgrounds. Look at the photo below and you will understand everything.

Amanda, the mother of the twins, is originally from England, and father Michael arrived in the US from Jamaica. They fell in love with each other, and, despite the different skin color, different nationality and the condemnation of acquaintances, they remained together.

A couple of months later, the couple got married. Soon Amanda became pregnant. And it so happened that one of the twins looks more like mom, and the other looks like dad.

They became famous just a few years ago, when one of the fashion magazines posted a photo of girls on the cover. There, in the magazine, there was an article about the life of twins.

Today the sisters are 13 years old. They, like all children of their age, go to school and play sports. Friends of the twins admit that skin color is the only thing they differ in, but otherwise they are very similar.

By the way, geneticists say that such a phenomenon is quite rare. Perhaps that is why the Biggs sisters and their parents have become very popular.


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