Although Lucie Jones is a timid performer, Simon is shocked by her Whitney Houston performance.

Lucie Jones’ capacity to sing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” during her The X Factor performance is questioned by Simon Cowell. But oh, was he wrong.

The tiny Welsh hamlet where Lucie Jones, 18, is from has only a few hundred residents.

Regarding her hometown, Lucie adds, “I really want to get out, and I really want to get out there on the big platform.”

Prior to Lucie Jones’ X Factor tryout, Lucie’s mother said in an interview, “For someone like Lucie, who has her eyes set on the dazzling lights, this could be the means for her to move away and fulfill her ambition.”

The X Factor’s Lucie Jones Shines
When Lucie starts singing “I Will Always Love You,” she shows some signs of stage fright. But as time goes on, she becomes more assured, and her voice gets louder. As he observes her flourishing on stage, Simon even begins to grin.

Following her performance, the X Factor judges give Lucie Jones some words of support.

According to Judge Sheryl, “I truly adored your vulnerability in your performance because it makes me believe you don’t know how amazing you are.” She adds, “I think you’re one to monitor, Lucie.” I think you have a lot of promise. “I think you can perform anything,” she said.

According to X Factor judge Loui, “some individuals were meant to perform.” You have a singing voice. You fulfill all the requirements, so I prophesy that beginning today, everything will be different for you.

Simon smiles broadly and says, “Lucie, this is why we come to Wales.” “One of the hardest melodies to sing in the entire universe.” You sang it in your own style without attempting to sound like Whitney Houston. You’re very endearing, Lucie. You have a great deal of ability. He says, “I really like you.

This young woman is so praised that she cannot believe it! After getting affirmative feedback from all of the X Factor judges, Lucie Jones rushes off stage, where she is greeted by her proud parents.

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