German Shepherd that is extremely bright watches himself on YouTube

German Shepherd dog Rocky resided with his owners Taras and his family in Costa del Sol, Spain. The 2-year-old had always been quite well-behaved and was very kind and gentle with the other children.

Recently, the owners decided to monitor their German Shepherd dog’s behavior while watching him play with his puppy siblings and duck friends on a PC. So they switched on the computer and played back one of the moments when he gave his friends access to the screen.

Rough studied the computer screen with interest as he tried to figure out how his family members were interacting with him on it. He first tried to sniff the bed before going behind the screen to look for them since he believed they were there.

Rough displayed adorable dog behavior. Taras and his companion grinned at the way he stared at the television with such remarkable focus. He primarily saw his puppy friends playing with him on the computer.

The curious puppy was really confused when he saw himself on the TV. Rocky quickly rambled, licked his owner Taras, and then continued to stare at the computer screen, where he and his small puppy buddies were having a blast.

The German Shepherd was still a little puppy when the screen abruptly changed to another moment. Rough was startled to see himself on the TV having fun in a little pool with his duck relatives.

He continued sniffing at the computer and, amusingly, turned his head to look at the screen, which made his owners chuckle. The dog’s adorable expression of astonishment was amusing. Rocky was baffled by the situation and couldn’t believe what he had seen till the very end.

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