Guy sings a duet with a woman and obtains 9.2M views with ease.

We have the opportunity to watch “CaseyOfficial” and his initial effort to sing in both male and female voices simultaneously on the YouTube channel “RoomieOfficial.” On YouTube, a lot of other vocalists have tried this and succeeded.

This film was shot in Westminster, London, and has gorgeous views of the area up until Casey has his skateboard taken away! In Casey’s effort to learn another singing technique, there is a lot of comedy mixed in.

He acknowledges Marcelito Pomoy, a new singing “Man-pulverize.” Casey exhibits a stunning example of Marcelito’s work. He truly has the talent to sing both as a man and as a lady.

Casey returns to his recording studio to compare the two singing styles. After singing a part in a higher woman’s voice, he sings an entrance in a low man’s voice. After trying it, he chuckles and exclaims, “Indeed, it sucked very hard!”

He attempts to sing in his falsetto or “head voice” with articulation, which makes sense. He will undoubtedly reveal his manly voice if he sings too loudly and with too much force. He begins emulating Nick Pitera, another well-known YouTuber. Even Marcelito and Nick join Casey in an attempt to sing.

Casey makes one more trip to the airport to pick up his parents and brother, who arrived by plane from Sweden. There are some motivational connections to his loved ones. In addition to giving them chocolates, he pokes his brother about his tan and continuous shave.

He attempts to sing both as a man and as a lady in his second try. A cartoon image appears on the screen to satirize the probe. Although Casey doesn’t think his performance is among the best, he is aware that it is superior than what most people could have anticipated. He ends the video with a cleverly underwhelming skateboard stunt.

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