A young woman gave birth to 9 babies at once… Here is how they live…

It’s great when two children are born at once. But the female body also faces a challenging test. Triplets are considerably less common to be born. Moms occasionally astound everyone, though!

Halima Cisse had no idea that she would give birth to numerous children in the course of only one visit. She only wanted to experience the bliss of parenthood at the age of 25.

Nine kids are now begging for affection and attention at her house as a result of this. Five of these are females.

Naturally, the physicians gave the mother their full attention once they realized how many babies were in the womb.

The experts believed that a natural birth was not possible in this circumstance. It was decided to do a C-section as a result.


Amazing things have been done by doctors!

They both managed to save a baby’s life despite the dire circumstances. However, the newborns were placed in oxygen chambers right away.

After all, such tiny organisms required particular attention and assistance. Later, as her children became healthier, Halima was able to anticipate being allowed to go back home soon.

She is, incidentally, from Mali. However, she was delivered in Morocco, a country with better medical standards.


The babies are still under the care of doctors. But they can already affirm that the kids are growing up beautifully.

They succeeded in putting on the appropriate weight and were able to keep up with their classmates’ speed.

Having a lot of kids is probably related to having African heritage. However, other specialists choose not to actively search for a link with ethnic features.

Instead, it is a great miracle and a genuine outlier. After all, only one in a million incidents like this actually happen.

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