Movie beauties get old too!: Some actresses who have changed beyond recognition over the years

Once upon a time, these women were considered icons of beauty, elegance and charm. Men admired them, and women wanted to be like them. Their attractiveness and unique appearance has become the key to great success. Their popularity has reached worldwide proportions. However, not everyone managed to age gracefully. Alas, time turned out to be their main rival. Some accepted age with dignity, while others tried to prolong their youth with the help of plastic surgery. Alas, the fans were disappointed with both. However, it is worth remembering that movie beauties also age, like any women.

Goldie Hawn

Meg Ryan

Janice Dickinson

Melanie Griffith

Kate Moss

Kathleen Turner

Michel Mercier

And what do you think about these famous stars? Have they changed incredibly during the years?

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