This outfit is hot all around! Demi walks in a skirt with cutouts in interesting places

This outfit is hot all around! Demi walks in a skirt with cutouts in interesting places

Model Demi Rose really has a lot in common with the American star. A thin waist, a huge bust and lush hips – not every woman has such a figure. And both are not shy about showing off their curves by wearing mini dresses, sheer tops and microscopic swimsսits.

But if Kardashian has almost moved away from explicit images, 28-year-old Demi is still betting on her figure. This policy is working: the number of subscribers on social networks is growing rapidly, and now there are about 20 million of them.

Rose started, like Kim, in a reality show. Then popularity only came to her. She quickly entered the stream and began advertising lingerie and swimwеar. And she was very successful at it!

Demi claims that she did not do any plastic surgery. And the fans believe her. Even in the earliest photographs, the model stands out for its unusual shape. The girl supports the figure in all possible ways.

For example, he does radiofrequency therapy and vacuum massage of the buttocks to get rid of cellulite. For the sake of such a procedure, Rose even flies to another country.

Now the star has chosen an extremely daring option, emphasizing all the charms of her figure. A small, revealing top, reminiscent of a knight’s chain mail, a suede skirt with fringes and huge cutouts on the hips – few people dare to wear this.

It would seem that the outfit is too revealing, but Demi’s fans really liked everything. The male audience is completely delighted. “The real Cleopatra”, “Incredible as always”, “Every day you get better and better,” fans write.

However, such an outfit for the model can be called even modest. After all, her images in micro-swimsսits always collect millions of likes.

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