My husband left for another woman. Thirteen years later, his other children brought his daughter to us because he got into a car accident with his second wife. I wasn’t planning to take the child, but my mother-in-law said so.

I got married in my hometown to my classmate. After the wedding, we started living together with his mother in their family home. A year after the wedding, I gave birth to our son,. We were a typical family. I’m a very family-oriented person, and I truly enjoyed taking care of the household. I loved my husband dearly. My little world was perfect until was just three years old.

My husband was lured away by, a local homewrecker. Many married men had been tempted by her, but my dear husband decided to take things a step further and left us to live with her. I was incredibly angry at him and at that woman. If I ever happened to cross paths with them, I would deliberately change my route.

My mother-in-law was a kind woman, and she allowed and me to continue living with her. I couldn’t go back to my parents’ house because my brother and his wife with their two children were already living there, and there was no space. After my husband left, I grieved for a long time, but I had to gather myself and immerse myself in daily routines.

I knew from village gossip that my husband had a daughter with. I had no desire to hear anything about them. Thirteen years had passed since his departure. Wounds had healed, and time had done its work. There was a rumor in the village that and were in a car accident, and their daughter was left an orphan. “That’s what they deserved,” I thought to myself. However, soon enough, social services brought their daughter to us and told my mother-in-law that she was the only relative of the girl.

“If you don’t take in the girl, she’ll end up in an orphanage,” they said. The little girl was blonde, thin, and looked just like her mother. “She won’t live in our house! Her mother destroyed our family!” I protested. “, fear God, the child isn’t to blame for anything,” my mother-in-law sighed. began to live with us.
She resembles her mother, which is something I can’t bear to look at. Whenever I see her, it fills me with an indescribable anger. She can sense it and tries not to cross my path. To be honest, I don’t know how much longer I can endure this situation.

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