She dared to marry a single father of six children. The woman says that she is happy now, but the unexpected happened.

Several years ago, Anton became the father of a large family. Previously, he had a complete family: a wife and three children. When they were expecting their fourth child, an ultrasound revealed they were going to have triplets.

However, this happy event was overshadowed by another event: cancer was diagnosed in his wife during the late stages of her pregnancy. After the birth of the children, she fought against this terrible disease, but unfortunately, cancer prevailed, leaving Anton without support…

The family story caught the attention of the media, and a report was made about it. After its broadcast, Anton began receiving numerous letters and messages from compassionate women who supported him.

However, one particular letter touched Anton’s heart. He and Lyudmila exchanged letters for a while, then decided to meet. Anton came with his children, and his new partner immediately got along with them.

Out of this friendship emerged romantic feelings, and after some time, they got married. Lyudmila already had a son from a previous marriage, but the prospect of being part of a large family didn’t scare her.

Of course, Lyudmila doesn’t hide that it was difficult in the beginning – a huge burden weighed on her, and she was exhausted. Anton was always by her side and helped her, almost always sharing responsibilities. Over time, they learned to overcome daily challenges.

What’s more interesting is that they later adopted two more children: a boy and a girl who were in foster care due to difficult family circumstances. The children quickly adapted to their new family.

Anton and Lyudmila are very happy; they have a large and united family, and soon, they will be moving into a big house.

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