At 44, she gave birth to 22 children: How does a woman who has been pregnant for half her life live and look like

Sue Radford and Noel are the UK’s largest couple. Over the entire period of their relationship, 22 children were born. All heirs were reproduced naturally. The spouses never resorted to the help of surrogate mothers.

Sue is now 44 years old and has been pregnant almost every year of her life.

Sue and Noel have known each other since childhood. They were brought up in an orphanage, as the parents signed waivers immediately after their birth.
Similar fates connected two young people at the age of 14. Then the first heir was born, which Sue and Noel were very happy about.

Some people around are surprised by the lifestyle of the spouses. They sincerely do not understand why Sue and Noel have so many children. You have to spend all your free time on their upbringing, and when one baby grows up, the spouses again face the need to take care of another baby.

But for Sue and Noel, the situation looks completely different.
Since the spouses grew up without parents, and did not know what the real love of mom and dad and support are, they treat children with special trepidation.

For a married couple, children are the meaning of life, and they never perceived their heirs as a burden or an extra burden.
When another child was born – daughter Heidi, the couple were as happy as when they first became parents.

Sue and Noel are sure that this girl is not the last child in their family. All children of the couple are absolutely healthy. Some of them are already adults, and independently build their lives. But none of the heirs of a married couple forgets about their parents. All of them are one big and very friendly, loving family.

Sue and Noel want to raise as many children as they can with love and care to make up for their childhood. Spouses do everything to ensure that children are happy, since their own well-being directly depends on this. Sue and Noel are very happy that they were able to create such a big and strong family. They consider this their main achievement in life, and are very proud of their children

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