That day, I came to the school to pick up my daughter earlier, sat in the hallway, and started waiting for the bell. Suddenly, I heard the teacher’s words that made my eyebrows crawl up my forehead.

This year, my daughter started first grade. I looked at her and couldn’t believe that this was my little one, who just yesterday lay on my chest and fell asleep peacefully. So, I pick up my daughter immediately after her classes. The teacher mentioned that children with extended daycare might have a tougher time adjusting to school. I always arrive early, waiting for about 5-10 minutes before the bell rings while also checking on how the children behave in class and if they listen to the teacher.

Once, I arrived, sat in the corridor across from their classroom, and the children were having an art lesson. The teacher handed out albums that we, parents, had contributed for. I saw how the children started examining the pictures on the albums, looking for their favorite characters, and albums with plain covers remained unnoticed. That’s when our homeroom teacher said something I wished all adults, including myself, would hear. She picked up one album with a simple cover and said, ”

My dears, you’re all looking for the most beautiful, vibrant covers with the prettiest drawings on them. Many adults do the same. But know that your picture inside doesn’t depend on the cover. The cover is just wrapping; it’s not important.

You don’t choose bland lollipops with beautiful wrappers when there are chocolates with less appealing designs nearby. That’s how it is in life… Learn to surround yourselves with content, not just covers and wrappers.”

I was so happy to have this kind of teacher for our children. I would really like for as many adults as possible to read these words, as they contain the essence of human society; we often choose covers without considering the content.

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