Spam Caller Will Never Call Again For One Simple Reason

We all have to deal with something and it doesn’t matter who we are, it is something that gets on our nerves. I’m talking about scam phone calls.

Some people get these calls on occasion and others get them frequently through the day. In either case, it isn’t pleasant and most of us would like to have a way to deal with them once and for all.

Of course, we each have our way of dealing with them. Some people just ignore the calls when they come in and others will pick up the phone and tell them to stop calling in no uncertain terms.


Then there is the guy in the video we have for you here. He also gets spam phone calls on a regular basis, but he has a way of dealing with it that actually works.

His name is Roy L Baker Jr and he has one of those voices that is just as smooth as butter. He uses his voice to get the spam callers from calling, and when you see the TikTok video, you will know why.

You can hear the call and how he answers it here.

@1roy_jrCIA Fraud Division Coming to a dial tone near you#fyp#foryou#myroyvoice#scam#extendedwarranty#stopcallin#deepvoice#prankwars#comedy#funny♬ CIA Fraud Division – One Roy

After sharing this on TikTok, it went viral. People wanted to know more about the calls and how well it works but others said that it would only work for them if they had his voice.

I’ll have to be truthful here, his voice certainly would work but many wouldn’t. In the original video, there was music playing in the background. Somebody asked if he could remove the music so they could make a recording and use it for themselves.

He was all too happy to oblige and now anybody can play this video to use the same technique.

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