Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes Using This Secret Military Sleep Method

Many people find it difficult to fall asleep and if you happen to be in that number, you realize just how frustrating it can be. Imagine lying awake every night staring at the ceiling for hours before finally falling asleep.

If you happen to be that person, there is a military sleep method that can help. 96% of the people who try it are actually able to fall asleep within two minutes.

Thanks to Justin Agustin, a social media fitness coach, this method is making the rounds, and many people are claiming that it really works. He posted a video on the technique to fall asleep in two minutes and it got over 12 million views.


This technique was developed by the United States Army, primarily for fighter pilots who needed the full use of their reflexes. It was also beneficial for those who were in live combat and needed to fall asleep in a stressful or noisy situation.

After posting the video, he was hoping that it would help people to sleep so they can improve their sports performance and avoid injury. What is involved?

The first step in the process is to get comfortable and start focusing on your breathing. Relax your body from the top of your scalp downward to the feet.

As you move your way down through the body, make sure that everything is loose, and imagine a warmth that is spreading from your head out to your fingertips.

As you move through your chest take a deep breath to relax and then continue to the stomach, down the legs, and eventually, to the feet.

Imagine that warm sensation is following you the whole way down to your toes.

While you are doing this, your mind needs to be cleared of anything that is stressful. Picture yourself in a calm lake in a canoe, lying back and watching the beauty from above.

If you have a wandering mind, repeat ‘don’t think’ for 10 seconds.

Many people who watch the video said it was not a disappointment. There were even some who had parents in the military that were taught how to do this and claimed it definitely worked.

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