Harry and Meghan ‘humiliated’ on live television with savage jokes – it could be a good thing, expert claims

Contrary to their initial desire to live a quieter life, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are all but out of the spotlight. Ever since they left Britain for sunny California, both Harry and Meghan are making sure they have their voices heard, whether through interviews in which they reveal details about the members of the Firm, publishing books, or being part of documentaries.

Many fans of the British royalty believe that Harry has been hypocrite because he turned his back to his family in an attempt to protect his wife from the pressure by the media, and he’s now been exposing his life to that same media to an extent no royal member has done it before.

The number of critics the Sussexes have is rather big. In the past, some of the critics went further and mocked the Duke and the Duchess in an episode of the adult television series South Park.

The episode in question starts with a scene from the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and shows two characters, based on Harry and Meghan, walk past a candle that looks identical to the one talked about last fall, supposedly blocking Meghan from the cameras. Claims were that the royals had done it intentionally, and the scene in the series was clearly a nod to the Duchess.

Youtube/South Park Studios

In the episode, the writers also included the Sussexes all-tell interview with Oprah, but this time, their animated characters were shown visiting Good Morning Canada. Further, they mocked the royals for wanting privacy, but yet, they tend to be under the spotlight. Meghan’s animated character is seen holding a sign which reads, “Do not look at us,” while Harry says, “We do not want privacy.” When the host asks Harry’s character if he hates journalists, the Prince answers, “That’s right, we just want to be normal people – all this attention is so hard.” The two then storm off the stage.

When meeting a “brand manager” in the episode, he labels Meghan as a “sorority girl, actress, influencer and victim,” while Harry is branded a “royal prince, millionaire, world traveller victim.”

Youtube/South Park Studios

The show then mocked the royals decision to leave Britain, and in the episode, instead of California, the couple moves to South Park, but the residents aren’t delighted because of that. “If we moved here, people would think we’re really serious about wanting to be normal,” Meghan’s character said.

One of the show’s characters, Kyle, then complains that the Duchess “bosses him around” and could be heard saying, “I’m sick of hearing about them! I can’t get away from them!”

Kyle also states: “They have this huge jet parked in front of my house and they keep on wanting me to buy their book,” referring to Harry’s all-tell memoir Spare.

A person close to the couple revealed that Meghan has been “annoyed by South Park but refuses to watch it,” and added that she was “upset for days” and “underwhelmed.”

Youtube/South Park Studios

Recently, the couple were humiliated yet again. On January 8, the annual Golden Globe Awards for excellence in American and international film and television was held. As expected, the biggest stars of television were present, and a number of influential people got their invitations, but not Harry and Meghan, although they allegedly expressed desire to attend the event.

“Harry and Meghan were not invited to last night’s Golden Globe awards. They can get away from that by insisting they are busy. But it is much harder to escape the effect of the heavy mocking especially of Meghan,” royal expert Angela Levin shared on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Well, maybe their absence was a good thing since the host, comedian Jo Koy, didn’t hold back with jokes about the couple.

“Succession has nine nominations. Just a great series about a rich, white, dysfunctional family, all scheming — oh, wait, that’s The Crown. I’m sorry,” Koy said, praising Imelda Staunton Staunton for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown.

“How great was Imelda Staunton in The Crown, wasn’t she amazing?” Jo Koy asked the crowd. “Her portrayal of the Queen was so good Prince Harry called her and asked her for money.”


“Like I said, I didn’t write all of these! That one wasn’t mine! Prince Harry and Meghan will still be paid millions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing – and that’s just by Netflix!” Koy added.

U.K.-based PR consultant and author of Improperganda, Mark Borkowski, believes that the fact the Sussexes were mentioned during such a significant night, even as a part of a joke, means they are still relevant.

“One thing is to be joked about, the worst thing is not to be joked about. One thing about Harry, he did have a sense of humor,” he told Newsweek.

“I know in America and particularly in Hollywood, everything needs to be pristine and clean, and there isn’t the same level of self-deprecation as in this country, but the fact of the matter is it would be a poor award ceremony if there wasn’t a Harry and Meghan joke.”

Rosa Woods – Pool/Getty Images

Royal commentator Phil Dampier, on the other hand, believes that Harry and Meghan “won’t be happy.”

“When you start to become figures of ridicule, you are in trouble. When they first went out there, they were popular,” the commentator told GB News. He then proceeded, “When you’ve fallen out with the woke luvvies, and they’re starting to take the mickey out of you, you know that your star has fallen,” adding everyone regards them as “figures of fun.”

“I think unless they pull something out the bag, they are in for a bit of a nosedive,” Dampier added.

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