My husband and I bought an old miserable apartment for pennies and transformed it into a dream place to live

The final result leaves everyone speechless! 🤯🤐The amazing transformation of this «ugly» place into a stunning modern apartment blew up the network! 😯🔥See the before-after photos in this article! 👇👇👇

It was in 2021 that today’s heroine purchased an old apartment together with her husband. Though its condition seemed rather good due to the previous owners’ neatness, it definitely needed a fresher look. So, they had a plan to renovate it.


Because of the lack of financial sources, the creative and skillful couple determined to complete the whole work entirely by themselves. It took them three months and the results already pleasantly surprised everyone.

They had to replace the floor, paint and polish the walls, join the kitchen and the living-room as well as do a lot of work on the amenities.
What concerns the corridor, they installed hangers and a shoe rack. Right in front of the door there is a closet in a dark green color.

The light color of the walls, floor and green elements look harmonious and very stylish. They definitely made the right choice. In the living-room there is a dining area. The furniture here is in a mint green color and perfectly matches the décor.

A darker green color became suitable for the bedroom. It matches with metallic black and looks truly modern and minimalistic. Here, one can see a queen-size bed and a dressing table.

Dinosaurs became the main theme in the kids room. Beside the windows there is a comfortable bed in front of which there is a table where one can do the homework. The bathroom and the toilet are designed in a modern way as well.

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