Happy kids welcoming their dad returning home.Their reactions is really wonderful..i just cry…

Children love their dads very much because they are always kind, play, goof around, buy gifts, and don’t scold like mom. That’s why children miss their dads especially when they’ve been away for a long time. How do fathers cope with being separated from their children?

 It’s hard to imagine. But sometimes, such separation is inevitable, a necessity that cannot be avoided. So, the heroes of our video selection, fathers in the military, had to part with their families due to their service. And now, finally, the moment has come when dads can hug their littlest and already grown-up children again.

Many dads actively communicate with the baby even during pregnancy; it’s a different level of interaction than with mom. The mother feels all the sensations from the baby, and the father perceives the child through the mother, through her thoughts, her descriptions of physical sensations. Although timing is important.

Based on the features of male and female psychology, women tend to invent an image of the baby in advance, imagine their future child, while men have to develop their paternal qualities after the baby is born.
That’s why men often have doubts about their paternal qualities. It’s precisely in these moments that it’s important for the mom to support the dad, actively involve him in the process of interacting and caring for the baby.

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