The dance of the father with his daughter has gathered more than 14 million views.

In the absence of mom! How great it is to observe such warm and friendly relationships between parents and children.
What a funny and joyful dance this pair created! Josh Ridner adores his six-year-old daughter immensely and is always happy to spend time with her. I’m sure he has plenty of interesting games in store for his daughter. This time, Josh decided to record a dance with his six-year-old daughter Audrey!

 He played an energetic song by Justin Timberlake and started dancing! How great they dance together! The colorful outfits deserve special attention. Just look at Josh’s cute pants! Such a color palette will cheer anyone up.
These amusing dance moves won the hearts of millions on YouTube and users of other social networks. Imagine the mom’s surprise when a friend sent her a link to these lively dances! Justin’s song sounded different thanks to this pair!
This dance made Josh and Audrey famous all over the internet. Let’s hope that this lively dance brought joy and added a positive vibe to your day! So much love and joy in this short video!

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