When children start singing, everyone is amazed by their performances..but the performance of a 7-year-old girl surprises everyone.

All in the parents! She possesses a very vibrant charisma and doesn’t hesitate to take the stage. While Harry is quite a shy boy. Although he sometimes plays along with his sister. This time, Lisa decided to congratulate a family friend – the composer Raimonds Pauls. The girl sang his song ‘Million Scarlet Roses’ from the stage. Her mom once performed it for the first time. Lisa looks very natural on stage,

her voice is well-tuned, and the smile never leaves her face. A true artist! And she’s only 6 years old. Perhaps very soon she will begin to conquer the Russian music scene.

School and teachers cease to be authorities for many children. In turn, they seek answers to their endless questions on the street, among equally neglected boys and girls, on the internet.

 Unfortunately, this often has a detrimental effect on the psyche of young people. Therefore, families and schools should regain trust by paying attention to children, engaging in diverse communication, not setting boundaries between adults and children, but correctly explaining and guiding children towards life and cultural values.”

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