A one-year-old baby is having a little argument with his grandmother. He’s so funny.

When children grow up, they try to imitate the older ones. Observing everything happening around them all day, one day they might say or do something just like you.

 Sometimes, it can be very amusing. Especially when it’s done by a little one who wants to appear grown-up – it turns out to be funny. Today, we want to show you a one-year-old who has just learned to walk but cannot speak yet.
Even now, he tries to mimic everything his grandmother does. It’s quite amusing. Watch how he argues with his grandmother about the stove, which he’s not allowed near.

He considers himself grown-up and already wants to operate the gas stove like everyone else.

But the way he chatters in his own language, you have to see it for yourself – it will brighten your day.

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