Melissa Gilbert left Los Angeles for a simple cottage life in the Catskills: See Inside Her Happy Life Now.

Melissa Gilbert, best known for her role in “Little House on the Prairie,” and her husband Timothy Busfield have led quiet lives away from the spotlight in Hollywood. They unexpectedly ended themselves together in a pub. Gilbert was there for a date night, watching sports and eating pizza and beer.

Gilbert’s connection with a buddy she met in a pub twenty years ago changed in 2012. Gilbert and Busfield tied the knot in 2013. Gilbert stated she moved to Michigan for her hubby out of both self-preservation and love. She also learned to live with a handicap.

After having spine surgery, actress Jennifer Gilbert traveled to Michigan to focus on her son Michael Garrett Boxleitner’s health. Gilbert admitted that during her 2011 divorce from Bruce Boxleitner, she almost went nuts. Busfield, her husband, has urged her to focus on her previous mistakes and live a peaceful life in the Catskills while considering a future in show business.

The Prairie Life of Melissa Gilbert

Gilbert and her husband purchased a cottage in 2018, but it required extensive renovations before they could move in. Regardless of how bad the abandoned cottage appeared, the couple was determined to make it their home.

Ignoring the rodents and mildew, the couple realized they could personalize the property. Additionally, the house was chilly and the plumbing was blocked. They were obliged to remove some of the previous renters’ belongings since they were still inside the home.

The couple refurbished the cabinets, installed red vinyl chairs, and heated the house with a wood fire. Coca-Cola syrup bottles and Donald Duck figurines were used as quirky embellishments. Busfield wanted to be part with Gilbert and her husband’s work.

Gilbert’s prairie lifestyle includes living on the outskirts of town, growing fruit and vegetables, and living a natural existence. She finds that removing deer heads and transforming the attic into a music room is soothing.

Gilbert enjoys a quiet morning while performing her responsibilities and enjoying tea. She is content in her marriage and enjoys a peaceful home. They quarrel over furniture at first, but eventually fall in love with the grandfather chair and the brown recliner.

Gilbert’s love of the outdoors has returned after leaving the spotlight, but her major regret in leaving Los Angeles was for her family.

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