At the adoption agency, he saw 4-year-old Jack, who was an exact copy of his wife. It could have been called a coincidence if not for one crucial detail.

Vira left the doctor’s office with empty eyes. Her husband, Kyrylo, understood that she had heard something significant. Without saying a word, Kyrylo embraced his wife, and they headed home together.
The words, “No chance of motherhood at all,” kept echoing in Vira’s mind. Her eyes were moist, as the lifelong dream she harbored couldn’t become a reality. During dinner, Kyrylo looked at his silent wife and asked, “What do you think about adopting a child? I’ll understand if you’re against it. I’m just suggesting…” Vira’s eyes sparkled. “I’ve wanted to suggest that for so long but couldn’t gather the courage.”

Vira and Kyrylo had been married for 14 years, overcoming many challenges together. Yet, one hurdle remained insurmountable – Vira’s infertility. At 37, Vira’s hope of becoming a mother was diminishing each day. Soon, they gathered all the necessary documents and went to the adoption agency. A kind woman welcomed them and led them to the children’s area, where around 20 kids were happily playing. While Vira admired them,

 Kyrylo couldn’t take his eyes off one girl. 4-year-old Dasha was an exact copy of Vira: hair, eyes, facial features – everything was identical. It could have been a coincidence if not for one crucial detail: moles above Dasha’s lip, just like Vira’s. While Vira collected adoption papers for Dasha, Kyrylo promised to find out about the girl’s biological parents.

It turned out that two years after Vira’s birth, her mother gave birth to another daughter, but the girl had a disability, so she was placed in an orphanage. At 19, Vira’s sister gave birth to Dasha. The father disappeared after Dasha’s birth, and Dasha’s mother had to raise her alone.
When Dasha was 2, her mother succumbed to an illness, and the girl ended up in the orphanage. That’s how fate brought two relatives together. Within a month, Dasha was at home, where everyone loved and celebrated every success she achieved.

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