What does one of the most muscular female bodybuilders look like and live

Natalya once weighed only 40 kilograms. The girl started bodybuilding as a teenager. she did not dream of a sports career, but her father decided that physical exercise would raise her daughter’s self-esteem, and sent 14-year-old Natalia to the gym. One day she sacrificed femininity for professional bodybuilding. Now more than 807 thousand people have subscribed to her account.

Natalya at the age of 26 became a professional powerlifter, bodybuilder, and international master of sports in the deadlift and arm lifting. She is now lifting weights that are heavy even for men. The chest press in a standard workout is 165 kilograms, and the deadlift is 240 kilos. Active sports do not prevent this owner of 12 European and national records in these disciplines from traveling a lot.

She admits to subscribers that even while traveling she continues to monitor her diet and the intensity of physical activity. But she doesn’t bother herself too much. According to the woman, a few workouts a week are enough for her to feel good.

With a height of 168 centimeters, the bodybuilder weighs 90 kilograms. Natalya admits that she achieved the state in which her body is now, including with the help of plastic surgery: it is simply impossible to pump up a woman’s breasts as she wanted. However, it is this honesty that bribes all her fans in Natalia.

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