He came to the village with she to visit his mother. “Wow, what a house!” exclaimed Vira, seeing Andriy’s mother’s house. “Nothing special,” Andriy smiled. A woman came towards them, “This is my mom.”

What are you doing here?” Vira, returning from work, found her ex-husband in her apartment. He was sitting quietly, sipping tea in the kitchen. “Would you like some tea? It’s still hot,” Viktor calmly said. “I asked a question. What are you doing here?”

Portrait of beautiful senior woman with white hair

Vira repeated. “I’m having tea,” Viktor repeated calmly. “Why did you come? And where did you get the key? You said you lost them,” the woman was surprised. “Well, I lost them, and then I found them. I came to you. Can I come back?” said the man. “You went for a walk, and now you want to come back?” Vira didn’t understand. “Sorry. I realized that I’m better off with you. Well, sorry,” Viktor quietly said. “No need. Have you had your tea? Goodbye,” replied the woman. “Why so soon? I have nowhere to go. After all, the apartment remained yours after the divorce,” the man tried to explain. “You have parents, and for the apartment, I paid you back everything. Now it’s mine,” said Vira.

Their divorce was not easy. The apartment was under a mortgage, which was about to end. The husband wanted to take all the jointly acquired property. His lover gave birth to a child, but there were no children in their marriage. He needed the apartment more. It was his second spree. Vira couldn’t stand it anymore. Divorce. If he wanted the apartment, they would divide it fairly. Most of the money came from Vira’s parents. In court, realizing that he wouldn’t get much, he agreed to compensation. Vira took a loan and paid him everything at once. Now she was the sole owner of the apartment. She worked, and her parents helped.
All loans and mortgage were paid off. No debts. Especially not to her ex-husband. “Why do you need such a huge apartment alone?” he suddenly asked. “Why alone?” Oksana was surprised. “Mom said you live alone. Maybe let’s start over,” Viktor smiled. “It’s too late! Goodbye,” Vira replied categorically. “Why so categorical? Okay, I’ll go. See you soon.” Vira forgot to take the key from him, and he might not give it back. Or maybe he made a copy. She needed to change the lock urgently, she thought.

Love for this person is gone. There’s no respect either. He trampled everything himself with betrayal and divorce. The next evening, his ex-mother-in-law came to see her. She hadn’t participated in their life before.
During the divorce, she remained neutral. “Vira, hello. And you’re still the same stubborn one. And my unworthy son. I told him not to divorce you,” she said. “Well, it’s in the past. What did you want?” “So, will you reconcile? You were so good together.” “No. I have my life. He has his own. I owe him nothing.” “By old memory, let him live with you. Maybe everything will work out.” “No. I won’t keep him. And I won’t let him into the apartment either. Goodbye.” “Think about it; he’s kind. He understood everything.” “Yeah, I’ll think. You can go now.” Of course, she had no intention of thinking. It’s all over. Long over. The locksmith came to change the lock. While he was dealing with it, her ex-husband came again. “And who are you?” he immediately asked the locksmith. “And who are you?” “Andrei, come here,” Vira shouted from the room. The locksmith went at her call. “Excuse me, could you play along? This is my ex-husband. We’re changing the lock because of him. Tell him you’re my fiance. Please. I’ll even pay you extra for it,” Vira quietly said.

“Of course, darling,” and he went back to the door. “Are you still here? What do you need?” the locksmith asked. “Oh, you’re her ex-husband. Well, now she’s my wife. We’re getting married soon,” he smiled and headed to the door. “And she didn’t say anything,” “Well, you didn’t ask,” “And how do you know everything?” “We have no secrets. Okay, go away.”

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