“I bit my lip and went to my husband. I got into the car and didn’t show any signs. The contents of the note stayed in my mind throughout the day. But I decided to remain silent.”

Near the keys, a note was lying next to the pocket. Unfolding it, I read its contents—and my heart nearly tore apart from pain. I left home with my husband. We were rushing to work. My husband said he forgot the keys to the office in the jacket he wore yesterday.
He asked me to run home while he left the garage. I quickly went up to the fifth floor, opened the door, and found the jacket. In the pocket, next to the keys, there was a note. Unfolding it, I read: “Tuesday. Eldorado restaurant. At 6 p.m.” My heart nearly ripped from pain. I bit my lip and went to my husband. I sat in the car and didn’t show anything. Somehow, inside, I didn’t want to believe that my husband was betraying me.

Throughout the day, the content of the note didn’t leave my mind. But I decided to stay silent. In the evening, I finally decided to visit that restaurant to see this “lucky one” and confirm my husband’s betrayal. I open the door—my heart almost bursts out of my chest. I step over the threshold, and applause greets me. In the hall, all my acquaintances have gathered. “What is this?” I ask myself in my thoughts. My husband hurries to meet me with a large bouquet of flowers. He congratulates me on our third wedding anniversary. “My God, in the whirlwind of weekdays, I completely forgot about this date. I’m sorry, my dear!” I say and fall into the arms of my husband. Applause again. Music plays. We dance the waltz. I feel like the happiest woman in the world.

I tilt my head on his shoulder and feel only the rhythm of the music and warm hugs. “I knew you would look into the note. I wanted to surprise you, and it worked,” my husband whispers in my ear. “You are my inventor,” I kiss him on the cheek. The music fades. Greetings from friends pour in for this celebration. It seemed to me that this was all a dream. I knew my husband loved to surprise me,

but I didn’t expect it to be like this. The party was casual (I was dressed in an ordinary dress) and extraordinarily pleasant, which, perhaps, I will remember for a lifetime. How fortunate I am to have a husband who knows how to earn money, rest, and give warmth to loved ones!

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