Hang Mioku: The Model Who Ruined Her Face Forever, Look At Her Before & Now Photos

Did you ever hear about Hang Mioku? She was a very successful singer and model who dreamed of conquering the modeling world.

She is very known to the public today after a huge mistake that ruined her face forever.

It is true that we live in an appearance-focused world and some beauty ideals have a very negative effect.

The Korean model took it too far, as she was obsessed with plastic surgery. She was born in South Korea in 1963 and grew up there. Hang pursued a career in the entertainment industry and worked as a model in advertising campaigns.

She also was a singer, and it was at that moment she focused more on her looks. Hang was a very naturally beautiful young woman, but she wasn’t satisfied with her looks. So she underwent plastic surgery, and it became like a drug for her.

Seoul is referred to as the global plastic surgery capital, with more than 500 aesthetic centers. This boom in plastic surgery in South Korea affected Hang as well.

She did several procedures on her face that didn’t go well and changed her appearance for the worse. Her family took her to the hospital to get help. She even dealt with mental illness but they couldn’t afford the treatments.

She went back to do more surgeries. Doctors wouldn’t accept her anymore, so she found one in the black market who gave her a bottle of silicone. He said to her that she could inject the silicone herself.

She did it and when she run out of money, she thought she could use cooking oil on her face. After injecting the oil, she destroyed her face.

After a couple of years, she received medical help and through donations, she was able to remove 260 grams of foreign substance from her face and neck.

After more than 10 operations she is still disfigured. We hope she feels better today!

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