She is already 17 years old: they wrote about Kristina as the “most beautiful girl in the world,” here’s how she looks now.

The mother of the main character was herself in the modeling business for a very long time. So, she knows all the ins and outs of the industry. Her daughter became famous worldwide from a very young age. Back then, you could find many headlines like “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.”

There are still debates online about it. Some say she is indeed incredibly beautiful. Others argue that there are many girls like her around the world.

It’s worth noting that Christina combined the fashion sphere with her studies from childhood. However, her mother insists that she never forced her. Christina consistently attended classes, went to gymnastics training after school.

Once a month, she was called for photoshoots, and fashion shows took place only twice a year. Many wonder how she looks now. The girl is seventeen years old already!

“Very beautiful,” “For every mother, her child is the most beautiful. Just an ordinary girl, so there are millions like her,” “Beautiful, natural,” “You should see my granddaughter,” “She is really beautiful. She was a girl, everyone said she would grow up and be forgotten. Another proof that no one forgot. She turned into a swan, honestly,” users commented on the network.

“Let’s not envy anyone. What do I think? I believe the girl is very beautiful. But it’s impossible to say for sure. Let’s acknowledge the fact that each girl is unique in her own way. She turned into a beauty. The same will happen to all other girls. Peace, goodness, and beauty to everyone,” added one of the subscribers.

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