Workers were removing the old house when they discovered a hundred-year-old chest concealed beneath the floor. They opened it in front of the camera…

For decades, the home on the outskirts of the community sat empty. Following the acquisition, it was ultimately decided to repair the floor, and the new owner engaged employees to destroy the floor. The owner had abandoned the premises, and the builders discovered an antique chest concealed beneath the first floors. After some deliberation, they decided to open it on camera and photograph what was inside.

The chest was definitely over a century old. It was most likely not hidden by the previous owners of the house because no repairs were performed there. The box was removed using a winch and ropes, but it proved to be too heavy. The castle had rusted so badly that it had to be ground down using a grinder. The hinges were then sawed off because they refused to open. Instead of old garbage, the builders discovered neatly folded silver ingots under the lid. Naturally, the owner was summoned to the location, and he summoned the appraiser.

The discovery was valued at 15 million rubles based only on weight. Because the ingots have historical significance, the owner is likely to receive a higher price for the treasure. Finding a silver treasure is a fortune that not everyone receives. The house’s owner at least paid for the acquisition.

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