The largest boy in the world was born in Australia: And how did mom do

In the town of Melbourne, a local resident, whose name is Teu, recently gave birth to a son and set a new world record. The happy mother gave birth to the largest baby in the whole wide world. The woman had a son, who, by the standards of doctors, is considered the heaviest newborn boy in the world. The weight of the baby was 6300 grams.

The woman, being in her sixth month of pregnancy, expected the birth of a “hero”, because the size of the fetus was 2 times higher than the norm. Gynecologists assumed that at birth the weight of the child would be about five kilograms, but their calculations turned out to be erroneous. When the child was born, his weight was as much as 6 kg and 300 grams! The baby was born naturally at the 39th week of pregnancy.

The boy, who was named after Maoama, was born absolutely healthy. For a newly-made mother, he is not at all the first son, but already the fourth in a row. It turned out that the born “hero” has three older brothers – 9-year-old twins and a 6-year-old baby.

However, according to Teu, the boys were born with normal weight and among them there were no such “heroes” as Maomama. May 2016. The baby was born well, very large – her weight was 6800 grams! At the moment, this achievement is still unique and unsurpassed.

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