“Two matchsticks need to be hidden under clothes”: Julia Roberts surprised the public with her appearance.

Many subscribers still write about Julia Roberts, emphasizing that she is a unique actress. She radiates so much beauty and charm to this day! Let’s remind readers that she turned fifty-six. Yet, she remains just as attractive and youthful, considering that the actress advocates for natural aging and has never resorted to plastic surgery.

Recently, new pictures of the actress surfaced online. Of course, critics hurried to criticize her appearance. They noted that Roberts urgently needs to wear long skirts to hide the “matchsticks.” You are truly beautiful, Julia!

“I love this talented actress, always enjoy watching movies with her and don’t see any flaws; she has only virtues,” commented one user. Another user pointed out, “Who told these people, trying to make judgments about a star they can never reach, that they can assess Julia Roberts’ style, image, and beauty? Where does their naive self-confidence come from, thinking that in their best image, they could even slightly resemble her?”

“At some point in life, self-esteem disappears, and men too, they think they are at the peak of their physical and intellectual abilities, unique, and can do absolutely everything. Sometimes, after that, a complete collapse occurs,”

remarked one user. Another added, “Everyone has moments when they lose or gain weight. It’s not the worst thing in life.”

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