To silence detractors, the mother of unusual twins with Down syndrome demonstrates their beauty and preciousness.

Twins remain exceedingly rare, however their odds of becoming pregnant increased by 72% between 1980 and 2018. Twins account for around 33 births per 1,000.

How likely is the presence of identical twins? Every 1,000 births produces around three or four identical twin sets. Likewise, not very common.

Savannah Combs, 23, was overjoyed to find she was expecting twins. She then discovered another rarity: they were both affected by Down syndrome.

Naturally, the news was unsettling. Savannah and Justin Ackerman were aware that some people would make conclusions about them and their children based on their circumstances.

Savannah still thinks highly of them for this reason.

“They’ve been my little gems, but they have something very rare,” she told News4JAX.

Savannah, a Middleburg, Florida resident, posted videos of her postpartum journey on TikTok with her daughters, McKenli Ackerman and Kennadi Rue, and they immediately acquired popularity.

Savannah stated in a video that she was told to terminate her children because they wouldn’t make it.

She decided to keep them and give them a try.

“Every [prenatal] appointment I had while they were still alive was a blessing,” Savannah told me.

When she heard that they both had Down syndrome, her husband had already gone for boot camp.

Savannah was 29 weeks pregnant and had just given birth to twin girls when she was taken to the hospital, along with a variety of other things. Continued from there. The list goes on. and so forth. and so forth. And so forth. The list goes on.

Because of their two-month early delivery, the twins needed several weeks in the NICU before being discharged.

She goes on to say, “They’re called mono di twins because they each had their own sacs but shared the same placenta, which meant they would be identical.”

“Mo di twins are very rare as it is. Then you add Down syndrome to the mix; the chances are around one in two million.

Savannah said that, despite having a rare condition, they are just like any other child.

“They’re emotional. Their heart is still beating. They have communication abilities. They are capable of performing the same jobs as you. They will arrive, she promised me.

“They may be a step behind, but they will succeed, as I have stated. I noticed that these youngsters are happy and feisty little beings.

Savannah shares adorable TikTok updates as each child progresses through their developmental stages.

“I will convey to them that they are similar to us and that they can achieve success if they set their minds to it.”

Nonetheless, some believe it is important to target Savannah and her family. The young mother has consequently had to deal with some quite unpleasant people on social media.

“I wouldn’t want those babies; if mine came out like that, they would go straight to adoption,” someone said in a letter to the mother.

However, Savannah had the perfect reaction, which she shared on Facebook.

“I was grateful that they were born to me rather than you. God knew precisely what he was doing when he sent these infants to the ideal parents who would cherish them regardless of circumstances.

Lovely gals. It is just cruel of anyone to claim differently. These individuals are the most sweet and generous you’ll ever meet! Please share this inspiring tale on Facebook.

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