What the Boy Looks Like Now Who Was Called “Pinocchio”

Ollie Trezis was born with encephalocele, a disease that is so rare that only a few people have ever heard of it.

As time went on, the boy’s nose started to get bigger, which was a big worry because even the smallest cut could cause meningitis. Doctors and nurses strongly suggested that Ollie’s parents think about having surgery.


Ollie lived for the first nine months of his life without the surgery. But as his nose kept getting bigger, his parents finally agreed to have it fixed.

The process went well, and the young boy is now able to breathe easily, which was hard for him before.

The boy’s mother put a picture of her son on the internet to bring attention to these kinds of medical problems.

The reaction was huge, with a lot of people showing their support and wishing Ollie a quick recovery.

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