Disney Fan’s Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

Kathleen is a devoted Disney enthusiast who resides in a little home with a bedroom downstairs. The theme for the décor and design is Beauty and the Beast. Similar to her beloved Belle, she adores reading, exploring new places, and taking in small pleasures. Belle’s blue provincial dress with a white apron is referenced in her tiny house’s bright blue exterior and white trim.

Disney Fan's Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

Belle’s Resonance with Kathleen’s Small-Home Lifestyle:

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is my theme. When I saw the movie for the first time at the age of five, I was enthralled with it. In addition, I have Disney Travel as one of my specializations as a travel agent.

My all-time favorite character is Belle. She is a bookworm. She’s looking for adventure. She was among the first princesses to decide she didn’t want or need a mate. She wasn’t interested in that. All she wanted to do was venture out, explore, and live her own life.

Furthermore, I have always found it admirable that she married at the end of the film almost by mistake. But she desired a life filled with adventure.

I like to imagine that Belle could still go out and enjoy her own adventure even if she had never met the beast. She also has this tiny dwelling. She wanted to travel the world, so this is the modest abode she brought with her. She desired to visit an adventure.

I personally enjoy traveling, and I think that living in a tiny place encourages that kind of lifestyle.

Inside Her Little Home with a Bedroom Downstairs

Kathleen’s “Tiny Belle House” measures 28 feet long and 8.5 feet wide, with a total area of 240 square feet. She decided on the Decathlon Tiny Homes Athena model, which she slightly modified.Her tiny house came to $85,000 with all of her renovations and sales tax included. Significantly, Kathleen believes she received excellent value for her money, particularly considering all the fine finishing touches. Fortunately, she was approved for a little house loan from Liberty Bank, with an interest rate of 6.5% over a 15-year term.

Disney Fan's Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

Her tiny house is filled with allusions to Beauty and the Beast, from artwork to lighting fixtures to the obligatory rose under a glass dome. Kathleen’s modest home’s interior is devoid of large windows, in contrast to many others. This is deliberate. The Texas heat came up during the preparation of her Decathalon build. In order to minimize heat leakage into her little home, Kathleen made the decision to install small windows. During the hot months, it keeps fairly chilly thanks to her powerful mini-split air conditioner.

Disney Fan's Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

Induction cooktops are typically installed as inserts in Decathlon compact homes. However, Kathleen chose to walk at a counter-pace. Rather, when not in use, she keeps two movable plug-in induction cooktops in a drawer. She also has a convection microwave. Kathleen did extensive study before deciding on a multipurpose Ninja Foodie oven that can bake, broil, roast, and fry food. She may fold it away to free up space on her counter when not in use.

Disney Fan's Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

Kathleen enjoys reading books much as Belle does. She gave book storage first priority. She has an excellent rotating mechanism in place to help her avoid collecting too much. Kathleen donates her books or sells them back to a used bookshop after she is through with them. She then has space for her upcoming must-read discoveries!

Disney Fan's Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

Kathleen’s back issues make her appreciate having a bedroom downstairs. She so designed the space to revolve around an adjustable bed. It has several folding and adjusting options to assist her find comfort and raise her feet. Kathleen also utilizes Beddy’s to get around the issue of making a bed that she can’t walk around. Essentially, it’s just an upgraded sleeping bag. All you need to do is zip it up rather than tuck the linens in.

Take a look at Kathleen’s little abode in its entirety!

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