Her Cozy & Affordable Tiny Home w/ 1st Floor Bedroom!

Hi there! You’re in for a treat today when Kim extends an invitation to visit her cherished house, “Journey’s End.” She is prepared to give you a tour of her tiny home and share her knowledge of living simply and sustainably after adopting this lifestyle for more than five years. Together, let’s explore this quaint area!Enter Kim’s Vegetarian-Friendly Kitchen.
You’ll see that Kim’s kitchen is ideally suited to her vegan lifestyle as soon as you walk in. She has deliberately chosen to live without a microwave in favor of three essential items. The focal points of her kitchen are a multipurpose toaster oven and a small, two-burner hot plate. With its stunning perspective of the hills beyond, the kitchen island is more than simply a place to store stuff—it’s a statement piece of efficiency and design.Accept a Life of Zero Waste

Kim’s dedication to living a waste-free lifestyle is incredibly motivating. She utilizes a Berkey filter, which is durable and environmentally friendly, meaning that it doesn’t need to be changed very often. To further reduce waste, reusable cloth napkins can be used instead of disposable ones. Furthermore, her composting efforts are evidence of her devotion to sustainability.Dreams of Childhood Turned Into Reality

Kim’s path to living in a little house started when she was a young girl. She grew up in Colorado and New Jersey, and she has always had a thing for small, snug settings. While she didn’t have an easy journey, each step she took seemed to bring her closer to “Journey’s End,” the fulfillment of a dream she had for a long time.Uncover a Roomy Compact Bathroom
You could be surprised by “Journey’s End” bathroom’s size and features. It boasts a huge, conveniently located shower and lots of storage. Kim made a reasonable compact living decision when she opted for a shower over a bathtub to maximize storage space.A Bedroom Exudes Style and Comfort

Kim finds her haven in her bedroom. The spacious layout and high ceilings provide an airy and uncluttered atmosphere. The well-thought-out bed has lots of drawer space. What’s the best thing, then? Her pet sitter has access to an additional room, making it an extremely welcoming place for visitors.Making the Switch to Minimalism
Kim’s path to minimalism teaches us the value of simplicity. To imitate living in a tiny dwelling, she advises relocating to one room of your present house. It all comes down to perspective; accept less in order to live more.Reimagining the Living Area
The transition of the living area from a cozy couch to a soothing chair perfectly captures Kim’s versatility. This area, which has breathtaking views of the outdoors, serves as her workspace. She lives with an additional layer to her experience thanks to the loft above, which is mostly a haven for her cat.Keeping Warm and Cozy
The one area where “Journey’s End” may be improved is insulation. Kim uses a gas heater to counteract chilly days; it heats the room rapidly and gives the room a comfortable, flame-like appearance.The Porch: A Calm Outdoor Sanctuary

The porch serves as a haven and more than just an addition to the house. Here, Kim works out, unwinds, and observes her cat enjoying its independence. This area does a fantastic job of blending the calm of the outdoors with inside comfort.Designed to Fit the Lifestyle of a Traveler

“Journey’s End” serves as the ideal home base for Kim, who frequently travels while running a vegan worldwide tour company. It’s a cozy, stress-free sanctuary that goes well with her active lifestyle.

We appreciate your participation in our “Journey’s End” excursion. If you’re interested in vegan travel, don’t forget to check out Veg Jaunts and Journeys, which offers incredible vegan-friendly vacation places worldwide.

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