Doctors did everything that could be done. How the person who was on the show “I’m shy of my body” and had a mysterious illness looks now

When people saw this girl’s picture, they thought right away that she loves to drink. But this girl doesn’t do anything bad. She was a pretty girl with hopes for a better life until she was 34 years old. Her face began to swell up all of a sudden. The eyes and lips in particular. She wore sunglasses a lot so that it wasn’t as obvious. But things got worse every day. And she chose to watch the show “I’m ashamed of my body.”

Doctors on the show couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the girl. Since she worked as a cleaner, they thought at first that she was allergic to cleaners. But there was no sign of an allergic response.

It turned out that the girl had an infection, which her body fought against by getting bigger. Now, this is how the girl looks. She needs the help of a plastic surgeon now because the swelling has made her skin very stretched out. But it looks a lot better.

Have you seen this show, dear readers? We think this is a great project that makes people’s lives better. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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