“While playing the piano, a 12-year-old child broke down in tears upon hearing some news.”

Johnny Clarke and his 12-year-old son, Shayon, share a strong bond, strengthened even further by their common love for music. The Victorville, California family spends a lot of time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, using their free time to practice their instruments and learn new compositions.

In March, Johnny delighted Shayon with his own organ, bringing him immense joy. Shayon, who dreams of becoming a professional musician, has been playing the piano since the age of 4 and loves using the organ at church. “I was so excited that my dad gave me my own organ,” Shayon said. “I knew we could spend more time together and enjoy music together.”

They dedicate several hours a day to rehearsing their favorite gospel songs, but in September, Johnny found himself in the hospital due to a severe infection. It was a scary time for the whole family, but Johnny was determined to overcome the illness and return to Shayon and his four siblings.

During his hospitalization, Shayon supported his father by continuing to play the songs they had learned together. “It was heartbreaking because I couldn’t see him, and we couldn’t be together,” he explained. “But I kept playing the organ not to forget the songs he had taught me.”

A few days later, Johnny was coming home! Shayon decided to celebrate by singing a special song that reminded him of his father. He sat in front of his organ and performed Li’Andria Johnson’s “Deliver Me.”

Watching the video of this emotional moment, it’s clear that Shayon pours all his feelings into his music. Perhaps that’s why his emotions become overwhelming, and he suddenly bursts into tears in the middle of the performance! “I started crying because at one point, I thought I would never see my dad again, but he got ‘delivered,’” Shayon later said. “So I just let it all out, and my tears couldn’t be held back.”

Johnny posted the touching video on Instagram, where it quickly went viral. Now, it’s touching the hearts of people worldwide!

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